August Newsletter


I don’t have much to announce yet, but I hope to have something to share within the next few weeks. I can share some details, especially since my readership here is so slim. (This is really more of a public journal than a blog. I don’t mind. I’m a good listener.)

I’ve been working on an anthology of fantasy short stories. This was my attempt to break out of my “summer blues” (read: writer’s block) by writing stories that were adrenaline-pumping, action-packed, schlock-fests. By that metric, I failed miserably. I couldn’t help myself, and from the very first story I had already begun attempting poignancy, reflective moments, and drama that rises more from internal conflict (characters) rather than from the external (fireballs, pointy objects, guillotines).

Who can say whether or not I succeeded? But I now have a product: seven short-stories (and the prologue story makes eight) that total around 15,000 words. I’m currently searching for the best market for these to find a home, one that’s a fair reward for my effort as well as one that is the right fit for the stories to find an audience.

More news on that… later.


Seems like an interesting tradition to start. Oh, what the heck: I’ll just share the title and first line of each story in the anthology. That’s fun, right? (Right?)

PROLOGUE: RED FIRES AT DAWN – “The cock crowed to the full moon, mistaking the fires of persecution for dawn’s first light.”

THE FIRST DREADLORD – “The Children of Freya marched against the First Dreadlord on an autumn midafternoon just after the Festival of Chronicles.”

THE SECOND DREADLORD – “The boy did not cry when his father marched off to war.”

THE THIRD DREADLORD – “‘At them, you bloody cowards,’ shouted the sergeant from a safe vantage behind his company of men. ‘Charge!'”

THE FOURTH DREADLORD – “In one of the curious ironies of war, it was the priests and priestesses who killed more men than any soldier or cavalier.”

THE FIFTH DREADLORD – “‘I would meet with them, my lord. I think prudence demands it, even if a soldier’s duty forbids you.'”

THE SIXTH DREADLORD – “Fire and fury, thunder and glory; Alcazar Moss rained down a mage’s artillery on the walls of the capital city, and the screams of awe and terror were reward enough for the sweat that dripped down his brow.”

THE SEVENTH DREADLORD – “The thieves took what the crows didn’t.”

“Lutwidge Ranch”

And we’re off to the races.

Deep Magic has officially announced the lineup for its Summer 2019 issue. (Spoiler alert: I’m on the list.) But as much as I’d like to have all of the glory, I want to remind my four readers that there are other authors as well. I’ll be published alongside Anthony Ryan, Kate Julicher, L.B. Spillers, Django Mathijsen, Kristin J. Dawson, and Melanie Cellier. I’m not familiar (to my regret) with many contemporary fantasy authors, but even I know there are some talented folks on that list.

The (gorgeous) cover art for this issue comes from the amazingly talented Melanie Delon. And the links to all of those people can be found at Deep Magic’s announcement.

But back to me. I’m incredibly excited to share this news. I’ve been waiting a long time to get to this point, and now that I’m here I want to keep going. I’ll keep writing and (hopefully) keep publishing, no matter where I am or where I end up. Many of my heroes are writers; I’d love to do them proud.

You can find the link to preorder here:

Several Announcements


We have our very own forum section! You can locate it at:

The purpose of the forum is to develop a community around a shared passion for fantasy. That passion can manifest in any number of ways: in books, in creative writing, in film or television, in video games, in worldbuilding — and we want to talk about it all. It may be a sort of silly dream, but I would love to create a space where writers and artists and developers all get the chance to meet each other and reach out for collaborative projects.

We have a specific area (“The Writer’s Guild”) designated for the purpose of developing creative writing. That is password-locked, so lurkers and visitors aren’t able to see. I want to protect your privacy as well as mine. I’d hate for work that you shared publicly to be stolen or otherwise misappropriated. If you’re interested in joining, contact me for the password and we’ll talk.

To join the forum, follow the link and work through the quick registration process. If you’re having troubles with verification, don’t hesitate to contact me.


I obtained an SSL-certificate for this site, which means we are now HTTPS secure. That may sound like a fairly basic requirement for a website like this (and that’s because it is) but I’m a writer not a web developer, and your security is something that’s important to me.

If you encounter any bugs or glaring errors with the website, contact me at and I will get on it right away.


Depending on how you arrived at this site, you may know of several ways to contact me. Those are available in the new tab up top, but I want to remind you that you can find me on Facebook or email me at any time.

I also added a bibliography section that we hope will grow to be somewhat more substantial than it is. There are two stories listed right now: “The Cuckoo Clock With A Magic Wand”, which is available to read for free now, and “Lutwidge Ranch”, which will be available for purchase soon.

Grand Opening!

Welcome to the blog!

We’re going to roll out the red carpet, cut through that decorative ribbon, toss all our bottles at that ship, and whatever else is done to generally celebrate the beginnings to what we hope is a long and fruitful journey.

There isn’t much to post here yet. I’m still working on getting the site up and running, so I’ll be busy with tech stuff for a while. I’m not tech savvy in the ways I ought to be, so that will likely take embarrassingly longer than it probably ought to.

In the meantime, email me any suggestions, complaints, or recipes for stew that you come across. Or leave them in the comments — if you can comment. I don’t even know if those are enabled yet.

Goodness, what an exciting way to start things off!