You may have noticed a new addition to the header menu. Yes, those funny made-up words mean something special. Sagestar Galactum is a d10 tabletop system that I’m creating from the ground up. Its goal is to package complex systems in player-side mathematics that are simple, easy, and smooth.

The setting is a mixture of space opera and fairy tale settings. It draws its inspiration from classic tabletops including Traveller (which is regrettably too convoluted for my tastes) and World Tree (which is regrettably too furry for my tastes) and of course Pathfinder.

Access it here:  Sagestar Galactum – Google Drive Access

Sagestar Galactum is a system that emphasizes science, magic, and mystery over combat encounters and conflict. In the spirit of classic science-fiction and enduring fantasy tales, the best sorts of drama are driven by desire and discovery, not lightsabers and dragons. (But rest assured, dear player, that those are featured as well.)

At the moment, the Core Rulebook, Character Creation Guide, Weapons Arsenal, Ship Catalogue, Race and Class Guide, and Cartographer’s Guide are all available to view in .pdf format. Those files (with the exception of the Cartographer’s Guide) are at roughly 80% completion and exist in a playable state. Future plans include the addition of an Ars Magicka Handbook, a Codex Imperia (Galactic Primer), and an Advanced Race and Class Guide, in addition to completing the Cartographer’s Guide.

With the exception of magic, the game exists in a playable state, and with luck will be playtested shortly. I’m looking forward to the sorts of adventures that emerge!

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