Several Announcements


We have our very own forum section! You can locate it at:

The purpose of the forum is to develop a community around a shared passion for fantasy. That passion can manifest in any number of ways: in books, in creative writing, in film or television, in video games, in worldbuilding — and we want to talk about it all. It may be a sort of silly dream, but I would love to create a space where writers and artists and developers all get the chance to meet each other and reach out for collaborative projects.

We have a specific area (“The Writer’s Guild”) designated for the purpose of developing creative writing. That is password-locked, so lurkers and visitors aren’t able to see. I want to protect your privacy as well as mine. I’d hate for work that you shared publicly to be stolen or otherwise misappropriated. If you’re interested in joining, contact me for the password and we’ll talk.

To join the forum, follow the link and work through the quick registration process. If you’re having troubles with verification, don’t hesitate to contact me.


I obtained an SSL-certificate for this site, which means we are now HTTPS secure. That may sound like a fairly basic requirement for a website like this (and that’s because it is) but I’m a writer not a web developer, and your security is something that’s important to me.

If you encounter any bugs or glaring errors with the website, contact me at and I will get on it right away.


Depending on how you arrived at this site, you may know of several ways to contact me. Those are available in the new tab up top, but I want to remind you that you can find meĀ on Facebook or email me at any time.

I also added a bibliography section that we hope will grow to be somewhat more substantial than it is. There are two stories listed right now: “The Cuckoo Clock With A Magic Wand”, which is available to read for free now, and “Lutwidge Ranch”, which will be available for purchase soon.

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