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Glorious God-Emperor of the Stewpot

Reserved for me, because I'm the best.

Steward of the Scullery Realm

Armed with a cast-iron skillet and rough apron, these stalwart servants keep us safe from the evils of carbohydrates and malnutrition.

Defender from a Troubled Stew

Display this flair only if you have protected the forum from some malicious evil, or recommended a scrumptious new recipe for mutton.


Approved Writer

You have been approved for posting in the Writer's Guild. Check your group status for the password.

Approved Critic

You are considered to have impeccable taste. This user has said or done something remarkable and worth commemoration.

Approved Sub-Creator

You are a considerable content creator. Whether it's fiction, or art, or development, or music, this is a way to let you know that you are considered in a league of your own.

Big Dumb

Just stop. Why did you do that? How could you possibly think that was a good idea? You are a Big Dumb and will be recognized as such until you acknowledge the magnitude of your errors.

Dungeon Master

Has run or is running a tabletop role-playing game.


Homeless Tramp

You awake in a strange land, covered in filth and shreds of newspaper. You feel a strange warmth, and looking down at your feet reveals that you stand in a flowing stream of spoiled stew.
(You have been a member for 1 day.)

Living Out Of Your Suitcase

You found a discarded briefcase on the sidewalk. Glancing around, you see that nobody is watching. You take it, scuttling into a side alley. It's large enough to fit in, if you curl up your legs and ignore that you don't actually fit. The inside smells vaguely like stew. You don't care. You finally have a home.
(You have been a member for 1 week.)

Technically Not Homeless

You found a bed. Okay, yes, you found it abandoned in a dumpster. But beggars can't be choosers! The mattress is stained with what you desperately hope is stew. A cursory sniff suggests otherwise. Oh well, at least the rats will keep you warm.
(You have been a member for 1 month.)

An Expert Squatter

You own a home. At least, after tearing down the condemned signs out front, you think you own it. Sure, the floorboards creak. Sure, the floorboards break when you step on them. Sure, the floorboards are structurally unstable and wow this home is unsafe. But it smells like home, which smells like stew, which smells a lot like you do.
(You have been a member for 6 months.)

Steward Of Valuable Property

Your dedication finally paid off. Some rich sucker took pity on you and offered you a job as steward of his house. He was shaking, his face was pale, and he was muttering something about 'bann sidhe' in the kitchen, but you figure that he would have told you if there was something wrong with the residence. He says he won't be back for a year, so the house is effectively yours!
(You have been a member for 1 year.)

Unwashed Peasants

Filthy Scullion

The lowliest of servants in the kitchen. You'll be lucky to smell ye olde stew, much less help to prepare it. But you aspire to greatness.
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Part-Time Dishwasher

You can see ye stew. You can smell ye stew. You can almost taste ye stew. You spend hours each week staring longingly at ye olde stew, which never reciprocates your wistful glances. You can hear the others gossip, but it doesn't matter: soon you'll be a cook.
(User has made 100 posts.)


Okay, it's possible that you only mop the kitchen. But you're in the kitchen! That's close enough to count. Besides, they'll have to accept you once they realize you've been adding a secret ingredient to ye olde stew! It's probably just a coincidence that the duchess died of food poisoning.
(User has made 250 posts.)

Ye Olde Taste Tester

The time has come: you can finally taste ye olde stew. It's salty, viscous, and fat slops from your spoon with every greasy mouthful. It's the most amazing thing you've ever tasted. You beg and plead, but the guild cooks refuse to teach you the secret recipe... for now.
(User has made 500 posts.)

Ye Olde Cook

They throw back the thick iron bar, cast open the heavy oaken doors... and there it is: ye olde ladle and stewpot. What finer tools could man or woman ask for? Armed and clad in such finery, ye are ready to do great battle with kitchen trolls and stew goblins. Nothing can stand in your way, not even God himself.
(User has made 1,000 posts.)


High Fantasy

High fantasy depicts the epic struggle between good and evil in a fantasy world.

Low Fantasy

Low fantasy stresses the everyday struggle of its heroes, choosing usually not to emphasize magic or the fantastical in the foreground.

Sword and Sorcery

These stories feature swashbuckling heroes, swordplay, magic, and high adventure.

Urban Fantasy

Urban Fantasy is fantasy defined by place: specifically an urban setting. These are stories that are fantasy, but specifically limit themselves to an urban experience.

Superhero Fantasy

Superhero Fantasy is fairly self-explanatory. Yes, superheroes are a form of fantasy. They often depict the character journeys of heroes who often contrast the everyday struggles of their alter-egos with the monumental struggles of their superhuman-selves.

Magical Realism

Magical Realism presents the fantastical and mundane as though there were no conflict between them. The fantasy often takes place in a world that is either indistinguishable from the Primary world, or near enough that it's very familiar to the reader.

Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy are those types of stories in which good is overwhelmed by evil, though it does not necessarily lose. They may borrow from and share elements with the horror genre. The settings are usually similar to High Fantasy or Sword & Sorcery.

Comical Fantasy

See also: Terry Pratchett (See also: William Goldman.) There are likely footnotes, and no, they are not optional. Most of the important parts of the story will take place there. There may be orangutans, or people named Lord "Humperdink" or "Farquaad" or something of that ilk. You may read it, and you will love it, because you will not be given a choice.

Romantic Fantasy

Romantic Fantasy is a work in which romance is one of the primary goals for the protagonist(s). Works can and often will include a romance without the book being categorized as necessarily Romantic. This is not to be confused with the Romantic Period of history.

Author Wars

Tolkien / Lewis / LeGuin / Peake

For fans of modern fantasy: any of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Ursula LeGuin, or Mervyn Peake.

Sanderson / Jordan / Rothfuss / Erikson

For fans of contemporary fantasy: any of Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Patrick Rothfuss, or Steven Erikson.

Howard / Leiber / Sapkowski / Martin

For fans of classic fantasy: any of Robert Howard, Fritz Leiber, Andrzej Sapkowski, or George R.R. Martin.