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Report Bugs & Suggestions Box

Post by danjvelker » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:00 pm

Report Any Bugs Here

Please be as specific as you can. Include as much information as you have access to. If it's necessary to get a screenshot of the bug, upload one to Imgur or another free image hosting site and link to it from there. Include whether the bug can be replicated, and under what circumstances.

If you happen to know of fixes, please recommend them. I am not a webmaster. I'm a mathematican and a teacher and a writer, none of which ought to reassure you regarding the stability of this domain. I will try my best to resolve things quickly but please be patient if it takes a bit of time (or if I'm just stumped.)

Make Your Suggestions Here

You may pitch ideas for new forums or stickies. You may pitch ideas for new flair. You may pitch ideas for new features, including themes, extensions, plugins, polls, etc. I'll always be looking for ways to make this a unique corner of the internet that really feels like our own. If you find a good icon set for flair or an easy way to create a custom theme, I'm all ears.

We are running the latest version of phpBB (3.2.5 as of this post) so make sure that anything you find is compatible with that.

You may, for whatever inexplicable reason, choose to use this space to make some public complaint towards the flawless and praiseworthy management of this forum. Or, you could elect not do that.

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