Announcement - Sagestar Galactum v0.5

The official forum of the tabletop RPG. Currently in a playtest state.
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Announcement - Sagestar Galactum v0.5

Post by danjvelker » Sun Dec 22, 2019 8:21 am

Sagestar Galactum is a project that began development in December, 2019. It is a tabletop RPG that takes a different approach to systems management, removing combat as the centerpiece mechanic and inserting a variety of robust systems in its place. The RPG is skill-based and has 12 races and over 50 unique classes, with many more to come. It features both "fairy tale" (fantasy) and "space opera" (sci-fi) elements, with both science and magic playing prominent roles in the advancement of the galaxy.

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The main website contains everything needed for current play. The rulebooks are all in a 0.5 (meaning "alpha") state, and Roll20 implementation is currently being integrated. Additionally, much of the information has been copied directly to the website, an endeavor that will continue.

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