(Pathfinder, Character) Goob Goob the Stab Monkey

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(Pathfinder, Character) Goob Goob the Stab Monkey

Post by danjvelker » Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:25 am

Goob Goob the Stab Monkey is a monkey goblin, fifth level, who rushed through four levels of rogue to attain his fifth level in the duelist prestige class. So far as we are aware, he is the only monkey goblin to obtain such a prestige.

As a monkey goblin, Goob Goob has incredible bonuses to dexterity, though he takes penalties in wisdom and charisma. His final statline after some absurd rolls is:
At 44 health he's doing quite fine for himself in combat. He can climb walls with as much swiftness as a man can run, he has bonuses to stealth and his armor class, and taking weapon finesse takes advantage of his low strength and ridiculous dexterity. As a duelist, he will eventually gain the ability to parry and riposte strikes. If he parries successfully, he may reply with a number of ripostes equal to his dexterity modifier: that means any enemy who chooses to attack Goob Goob is potentially inviting six free attacks in return. He also has sneak attacks, plenty of stealth bonuses, and the ability to lay and disarm traps. He is versatile for a great deal of playstyles, and is quite a lot of fun in RP scenarios.

Goob Goob is a very good monkey, if you can overlook his penchant for assault, thievery, and infanticide. (Don't look at me: I only made the character, I didn't get to play him!)
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