Outline: "Song of the Pilgrim", 4,000 words

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Outline: "Song of the Pilgrim", 4,000 words

Post by danjvelker » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:12 pm

[Link here!]

Title is very much a WIP. Suggestions are welcome.

I've been planning this novel for about a year. I've already tried (and abandoned) two drafts, and this will be the third. Those first two never felt quite right, which is why they were abandoned, but this one feels different. It feels ready.

So, the following is the current draft of my outline for the first book in this story. I plan for the whole story to take up a trilogy. I divided the outline into what I consider three sections for ease of discussion --although the distinctions are somewhat arbitrary-- with each section having six chapters. I do not have outlines for the second and third books, but I do have a very general idea of the broad strokes they will take.

A few points of order: My magic is not highly developed because I do not plan to utilize it very often; imagine how Tolkien used magic, and I'll be doing basically the same. My "MacGuffin" is highly underdeveloped because it doesn't do much but exist until the second book, although figuring out what exactly it does is a priority of mine as I write this draft. The character journeys are planned through two-and-a-half books, and I'm not entirely sure what I plan to do with their resolutions yet. That is something that I am happy to discover when I arrive there.

I'm looking for a very general critique. Some questions you could answer for me are, "Is the outline coherent?" "Does the pacing seem fine for a modern audience?" "Does it seem too derivative of other works, or are there enough unique ideas that set it apart?" "Does it [the outlined story] seem to be engaging enough, or are there parts that you think may drag?" "Does the split narrative (between Willough and Amber) work, or do I spend too much / not enough time with one or the other?"

Basically, I just want to know if it works before I start writing in earnest. I'll be out of town for a week and I'd love to start on a draft the second I get back. Thanks.

edit: Forgot to post a link to the story, heh. Fixed now. By the way, let me know if a character isn't explained properly in the outline. I think I gave them all small introductions but I obviously know them much better than you guys will, so it may not be enough. Just say something and I'm happy to expand on their role.

[Link here!]
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